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How can I Earn While Traveling?
Earn while Travel

GoETra is a platform which bridge the gap between parcel sender and traveler and let you earn while traveling .Below are the steps which can help you

  • Login/SignUp on www.goetra.com
  • Enter the details of your traveling.
  • Claim the parcel available for your journey.
  • Visit GoETra outlet to pickup the parcel by Authenticating GoCode
  • DropOff the parcel at GoETra outlet
HOW to create a goetra account?
Creating an Account

To avail the facilities provided by GoETra Registration is required. Follow these simple steps to register.

  • Login/SignUp on www.goetra.com
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your Mobile Number
  • Enter Your Email address
  • Enter a suitable Password
easy registration

Registration with GoETra are very simple and convenient. At the time of registration you need

  • A vaild email address
  • Mobile Number
Will my identity will be disclosed to the parcel sender?
traveler security and privacy

We are very much concern about your security and privacy hence NO, traveler's identity will not be disclosed to the parcel sender.

What is the goetra traveler Rewards Program?

On successful delivery of the parcel to the decided outlet. The earned money will be deposited to the traveler's bank account.

Will the content of parcel is known to traveler?
Parcel Content

We in GoETra maintain a transparent and secure system therefore No, travelers will not be aware of the contents of the parcel.

What should be the minimum age of traveler?
Traveler Details

Anyone that travels with a parcel under GoETra's name must be 18 years or older.

What is the total number and location of the GoETra outlets?
Goetra Outlets details

We aim to cover all the major cities. But for now we are only available in New Delhi.

what kind/size of parcel is acceptable?
Parcel Details

All restricted items as per guidelines of IATA Dangerous GoodsDefinition: Commodities, which possess potentially hazardous characteristics. These are as laid-out by IATA in the Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Who will be delivering my parcel?

To maintain our high security standards parcel will be delivered by our trusted travelers.

how the receiver will be informed about arrival of parcel?

As soon as the parcel arrives , the receiver will be informed through SMS or Email.

How to make payments
Online Payments

In the support of digital india campaign we encourage online payments.The payment modes accepted by us are as following

  • Credit cards – The easiest form of electronic money that is available and most widely used today.
  • Netbanking - Easy convenient and secure
  • Debit card – The second largest e-commerce payment medium in India Debit Cards and Netbanking.
how can receiver claim the parcel(what is required to claim the parcel)?
Receiver requirements

Only receiver with a valid GoCode will be allowed to hold the parcel.

Are there any instant parcel delivery facility?
Priority Based Parcel Delivery

We understand that emergency situations may arise , therefore we provide priority based Parcel delivery.The sender can select the priority level of the parcel.There are two types of priority that will be entertained by us

  • NORMAL : Parcels will be delivered at normal speed
  • GOETRA SUPER FAST : Parcels will be delivered in minimum time
How safety and security are ensured?

In GoETra we care about your safety and security therefore to ensure that we only allow authorized users. User authorization is done by mobile number and Adhaar verification.

How to report lost parcel?
lost parcel

We are concern about your parcel therefore we are trying to maintain maximum security and quality standards. Hence conditions like this are very less likely to occur. We are soon coming up with Measures to deal with such situations.

How to report damaged parcel?

Maximum cautions are taken while sending your parcel with GoRTra we will try our best to ensure that no such conditions are encountered . But still if such conditions arise inform us within one hour, and necessary measures will be taken.